The innoFindo Golden Circle

Our WHY:

We believe that,

  • All successful change in your environment and based on your context, is rooted in being human and requires both personal and collective effort.
  • All solutions are discovered and delivered through the right types of conversations. It is the type and quality of the conversation that will ultimately determine the quality and impact of the solution and outcomes. The safety of these conversations is critical to success.
Our HOW:
  • Our starting point is that you and your teams know much more about your context, your life, business and industry than we do yet we bring fresh eyes and perspectives and may also bring relevant direct experience and expertise in your market.
  • We use a range of process methods, complemented by a library of visual templates and canvasses to design and facilitate safe discussions on complex topics. We subscribe to the Einsteinian philosophy to "make things as simple as possible, but no simpler" and that if we cannot explain it simply, we don't understand it well enough. The quality of the outcomes is NOT about the process per se, it is about the blend of your people, the selection and design of an appropriate process and our facilitation skills in running the process and facilitating safe and meaningful conversations that unlocks the creativity of the group in the process to build the outcomes.
  • We think that a dose of scepticism about all things "best practice" is healthy. There is nothing inherently wrong with best practice, the challenge lies in discovering how to adapt it to your unique circumstances and context, i.e. to adapt generic “best practice” into your “unique practice” that differentiates you or your business from the rest of the pack.
  • We build the capabilities of individuals and teams to create & sustain better lives, products, services and businesses.